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MICHAEL BENSTED Large Silver TeasetMICHAEL BENSTED Large Silver Teaset

Large 3 Piece Silver Teaset
Michael Bensted
London 1975
Teapot Width: 30 cm
Height: 15 cm
Weight: 64 oz


Michael Robert Bensted was born in 1938 and studied at Canterbury College of Art and London's Central School of Arts and Crafts. Apprenticed to Nayler Brothers, he registered his mark in 1969 and set up as a freelance designer-silversmith in Hornchurch. 

A E JONES Three piece silver teaset

3 Piece Silver Teaset
A E Jones
Birmingham 1924
Teapot height: 16 cm
Width: 24 cm


A E JONES Three piece silver teaset

CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE Silver 4 Piece Tea/Coffee ServiceCHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE Silver 4 Piece Tea/Coffee Service

Silver 4 Piece Tea/Coffee Service
Coffee Pot - Tea Pot - Milk Jug - Sugar Bowl - Sugar Spoon
Christopher Lawrence
London 1977
Height Coffee: 23 cm


B R CAIN Silver Tea Set

London 1957
Wakely and Wheeler
Signed by B R Cain (only tray signed with facsimile)
Height of Hot water: 17cm
Diameter of bowl:12.5cm
Diameter of tray: 41.5cm
Weight: 3.9kg (including handles)


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CAIN, Brian R Born in 1931 and served his apprenticeship with Wakely and Wheeler. He studied on day release at the Central School of Arts and Crafts with contemporaries John Bartholomew and Lew Marlow. Payne and Son of Oxford and George Tarratt in Leicester retailed some of the pieces he designed for Wakely and Wheeler in the late 1950's. Cain later moved to C J Vander where he was the company's design manager. 

B R CAIN  Silver Tea Set

Eric Clements 4 Piece TeasetEric Clements 4 Piece Teaset

London 1961/3
Designed by Eric Clements
Mappin & Webb
Max height 19cm


Award winning design made in large numbers in Silver Plate but rarely found in Silver.
Eric himself bought from us the first 3 piece set that we had as he didn't have one in Silver.